7 Dissolving and Restructuring Sound Files

The 7 Dissolving and Restructuring Sound Files were created to dissolve specific problem areas using both Tibetan and Western Vibrations, Tones, and Light (or V.T.L.). The V.T.L. produced from the Ancient Singing Bowls atomizes and dissolves calcified pain that is holding us hostage.

This package targets the area that needs to be worked on in your life. Look at the following Sound Files and the questions associated with them. Pick the one area that seems to be causing you the most concern right now.

Once you have chosen the area in your life that needs to be addressed, begin listening to that 7 Dissolving and Restructuring Sound File with earbuds or headphones. The frequencies of the Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls will penetrate your body and the decalcification and regeneration process has begun.

7 Dissolving and Restructuring Sound Files

The 7 Dissolving and Restructuring Sound Files are meant to help you with the specific area in your life that is holding you back. Listen to the Sound File that corresponds to the emotional content that is causing pain or dysfunction in your life.

Lack of Confidence, Not Being Present

  • Is it hard to make decisions?
  • Do you often second guess yourself?
  • Do you live in a fog?
  • Do you often space out and miss what is happening around you?

Pain, Lack of Success, Lack of Money

  • Do you push opportunities away?
  • Do you have chronic pain?
  • Are you often worried about paying the bills?
  • Does it seem like good things pass you by?

Anger, Confusion, Mental Exhaustion, Weight Issues

  • Do you frequently get upset about things that happened in the past?
  • Are you overwhelmed when faced with multiple choices?
  • Do you struggle with your weight?
  • Are you upset or sad at yourself for your weight issues?
  • Is it all just too much?

Fear, Worry, Insomnia, Anxiety

  • Is everywhere you look full of bad news?
  • Is the world coming to an end?
  • Is it hard to turn your mind off?
  • Have you lost your faith in humanity?

Depression, Grief, Shame, Jealousy

  • Is someone out to “get” you?
  • Do you walk around feeling flat?
  • Do you resent others having what you want?
  • Do you feel like you are a mistake?

Guilt, Physical Tiredness, Self-Denial, Unworthiness

  • Is it hard to pick up your body and move it around?
  • Do you feel heavy?
  • When something positive happens, do you push it away?
  • Do you replay your past mistakes in your mind?

Self-Hate, Shock, Feeling Unlovable, Numb

  • Would the world be better off without you?
  • Have you given up thinking are you ever going to fit in or make a difference?
  • Do you walk around outside of your body (feeling disconnected)?
  • Do you space out for hours at a time?

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