Breaking Free with Grace and Ease

These 5 Sound Files have been specially designed to help you get through a break-up or to cut cords from past relationships. By releasing the energy of past relationships, you will be ready to move forward with grace and ease.

Cutting Cords

When a relationship becomes toxic due to a myriad of reasons, it’s useful to cut the cords of dysfunction and clear the toxicity so you can reorient yourself. This Sound File helps you to let go of the past.

Shielding and Protection

 This Sound File helps you to protect yourself from toxic connections and interactions.

 Feeling Needy


It’s so easy to fall into the trap of old limiting beliefs and patterns. This Sound File helps you to morph your neediness into confidence.

Longing and Heartache

 We all want connections: it’s a basic human need. This Sound File helps you feel whole, connected, and full instead of empty and emotionally bleeding.

Bonus Sound File – Boost

 This Sound File helps you feel a burst of energy when you are feeling down.



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