Individual Sessions

Bill offers Individual Sessions for people looking to go further into their self-journey. These sessions take place over the phone (or on Skype) so location does not matter.

TrifectaDissolve fear, guilt, and shame in three sessions. These three areas tend to be what is holding people back in their lives. We are hard-wired for these three things and they are always running in our subconscious causing us to act and feel in certain ways that may not make any sense and is not for our highest good. When people start to work on these areas in their lives what often happens is you end up in a processing loop where you feel that you are really working your issue but making no progress. There is a constant short-circuit that keeps you out of the flow and/or unable to sustain consistent energy towards your goals (wealth, health, relationships, happiness, etc). You momentum to make positive changes your life. With these three sessions with Bill, you will dissolve your fear, guilt, and shame FOREVER! Without these programs running in the background of your subconscious, you will be able to harness your energy and create the reality of your heart’s desire. You will be able to move forward and leave the dysfunction that fear, guilt, and shame cause in your past.

Each individual session is 1 1/2 to 2 hours. During this time, Bill will walk you through a series of exercises with the Ancient Tibetan Singing to dissolve fear, guilt, and shame. It is recommended that you do all three sessions as often fear, guilt, and shame are intertwined.

One Session is $450. All three sessions are $1200.

Relationships – This is a 1 1/2 to 2 hour individual session with Bill that focuses on the relationship with YOURSELF. Conflict or dysfunction in personal relationships is often just a mirror of what is happening inside yourself. By addressing the relationship that you have with yourself you will affect the personal relationships that you have. During the session, Bill will guide you through exercises with the Ancient Tibetan Singing bowls and help you to find a coherent and positive relationship with yourself. This will then translate to more coherent and positive relationships in your life. This will also allow you to draw people into your life that mirror your new positive and coherent relationship with yourself.

One Session is

Individual Session on a Topic of Your Choice with Individual Sound File – This 30-45 minute session with Bill will focus on a chronic condition of your choice. This may be an emotional or physical issue that has been ongoing in your life. Let Bill help you dissolve the greatest area in your life that is holding you back. During this session, Bill will work through your issue with you and will address the “echos” that are often part of a chronic condition (you think you have it beat and it comes back again or the same situation occurs over and over again). After the session, Bill will create a personal sound file just for you. By listening to this sound file, the healing work continues as the frequencies of the Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls break down the blocks in your field.

A Session with Bill on the Topic of Your Choice and Your Personal Sound File  is $444