Intensive Healing Session Package


Tackle stubborn issues and chronic suffering with three sessions, three personalized sound files, and three check-ins with Bill.


The Intensive Healing Session Package is designed to tackle stubborn issues and chronic suffering. You will receive three (3) individual 60-minute sessions with Bill on the topic of your choice. After each session, Bill will create a personalized sound file (just for you) using the Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls, to help you keep working on this issue. In between these three sessions, you will have three 15-minute check-in sessions with Bill where he will check on your progress and help you work through any blocks.

This package allows Bill to be your own personal coach as you move through the blocks keeping you from the wellness and vibrancy you always wanted.

Each of the three sessions are 1 hour in length. After each session, Bill will create a personalized sound file using the Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls (three sound files in total). In between each long session, Bill will have a 15-minute check-in session with you.

The Intensive Healing Package includes three 60-minute sessions; three 15-minute check-in sessions; and three personalized sound files.

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