Sound File Testimonials

“My Sound File Pulled Me from the Depths of Grief, Mourning, and Depression”

“I have personally worked with Bill for 5 years. His sessions were life-changing. When I received his Sound File, I felt as if he was right there in the room with the bowls around my being. This is a tremendous tool for healing and emotional well-being due to the fact that it is designed for you. I was in a fog after the death of my youngest daughter. The Sound File pulled me from the depths of grief, mourning, and depression.

~  Kate, Idaho

“I Am Convinced that the Singing Bowls Used on My Body Dissolved My Fibroids”

“Bill Introduced me to the fascinating world of Singing Bowls. I am convinced that the bowls used on my body dissolved my fibroids. I believe bowls are the missing piece in helping resolve many female concerns that Singing Bowls will be the medicine of the future.”

~  Lisa, Thailand

“An Effortless Realignment with Myself and the Cosmos”

“Several years ago during a stressful time in my life, Bill Cael introduced me to an extraordinary technology he created that has become indispensable. My Sound File is based on the unique tone and timbre of my voice. I like to think of it as the bowls translating and enriching my core self. I keep my Sound File on my laptop and phone and use it to meditate, for inspiration, inspire, sleep and heal – an effortless realignment with myself and the cosmos. ”

~  Sarah, North Carolina

“Very Powerful Shift and Transformation to Support Us in Creating
More Success in Both Helping People and Making More Money Doing It”

“Working with the customized Sound File that Bill created for our business, we experienced a very powerful shift and transformation to support us in creating more success in both helping people and making more money doing it.

~  Carol and Jon, Utah

“Had a Profound Spiritual Experience that Helped
Shape a Relationship Change for the Positive”

“I have known Bill Cael for over 20 years, and I highly recommend him both as a healer and an outstanding leader with integrity. I attended my first Tibetan Bowl Class in 2011 with Bill and had a profound spiritual experience that helped shape a relationship change for the positive.

Then I attended Bill’s class on learning to play the bowls. I will be forever grateful because when I became ill last year, playing my bowls assisted me greatly in my healing process. Bill also made a Sound File of the bowls that I listened to daily that would immediately bring me to a calm state.

I have had many phone sessions with Bill and I am always better for having been in his presence. I highly recommend him professionally and personally.”

~  Lynell, Oregon