Who Benefits from Sound Files?

Sound Files have great success with people who have pain in their lives. This pain can be mental pain operating as confusion; emotional pain operating as a lack of heartfelt connections; or physical pain operating in our lives that keeps us from forward. Pain does a great job of keeping us broken in some way, so we don’t experience the fullness of connections, synchronicities, serendipities, and the magical life.

Pain is the energy that calcifies our body and our mind and our life. Ask this question – Where in my life or my body does the flow of energy slow down, move to a crawl, or stop? This is why I was guided to create Sound Files using the Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls. The sound from the bowls decalcifies those areas that we are bogged down in or immobilized from moving forward in this life.

Using the vibrations, tones, and light,  Ancient Singing Bowls are able to atomize and dissolve calcifications holding us hostage. The releasing of these calcified areas allows us to move forward and to return to our own Divine Blueprint. This Divine Blueprint is the perfect self that we are born with that we often disconnect with as we move through life. When we return to our own perfect self, anything and everything is possible!