Meet Bill


As an intuitive healer for over 30 years, Bill Cael began his journey toward the Tibetan Bowls at a very young age. He discovered his interest and aptitude for music and particularly focused on percussion at age 12. By age 16, he began his professional experience as a drummer. Combining his love of and talent in music with his training in Body Electronics, Rapid Eye Technology, and his expertise in chiropractic, naturopathy, and psychotherapy, Bill’s approach to sound frequency wholeness is extensive and elegantly holistic.

Since being introduced to the Ancient Tibetan Bowls in early 2008, he has embarked on a path of service and education that has profoundly altered and enhanced his own life and the lives of many other people. When tapped or rubbed, the Tibetan Bowls produce sacred sounds that permeate many layers of the mind and body, cleansing and clearing disruptions and blocks in the body’s natural energy flow.

Bill currently lives in Montana, after living the past several years in Southeast Asia. He works with clients throughout the United States and around the world.