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Depending on what you want to accomplish depends on what type of sound file would best suit you. If you are looking to dissolve pain and dysfunctional patterns in your life, you may want to look at the 7 Dissolving and Restructuring Sound Files. If you have already cleared away these physical and emotional discomforts and are looking towards the future, then you may want to look at the Earth, Ocean, and Cosmos Sound Files. If you are looking at moving obstacles from your life to be able to achieve your dreams, then Removing Obstacles Sound Files is perfect for you. Maybe you want to find a little Boost of Energy and some Balance in your life, then the Boost and Balance Sound Files are for you. If you want to break up old chronic patterns, then the Shredding to Soothe Sound File will be a big help. If life seems to overwhelm you or you have to deal with toxic situations, then Shielding and Protection will help you. If you want something that is more individualized then you may want to have an Individual Sound File made just for you.

7 Dissolving and Restructuring Sound Files

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The 7 Dissolving and Restructuring Sound Files are meant to help you with the specific areas in your life that are holding you back. This package enables you to dissolve chronic conditions, get rid of old resentments, quit doing the same old pattern, and basically helps you get “unstuck.” Once you have dissolved whatever is holding you back, you will have space to restructure and create a better future.

Out of the 7 Sound Files Listen to the one that corresponds to the specific emotional content that is causing pain or dysfunction in your life until you feel a shift. Often there will be more than one area you will need to work on dissolving. It is best to pick the area that is most difficult to start with and then work on the other areas, dissolving each area. Once all the areas that are holding you back are cleared, you will have the space to create your heart’s desire. This package is so useful because you have all 7 Sound Files on hand to use when needed.

Sound File #1 – Lack of Confidence, Not Being Present

  • Is it hard to make decisions?
  • Do you often second guess yourself?
  • Do you live in a fog?
  • Do you often space out and miss what is happening around you?

Sound File #2 – Pain, Lack of Success, Lack of Money

  • Do you push opportunities away?
  • Do you have chronic pain?
  • Are you often worried about paying the bills?
  • Does it seem like good things pass you by?

Sound File #3 – Anger, Confusion, Mental Exhaustion, Weight Issues

  • Do you frequently get upset about things that happened in the past?
  • Are you overwhelmed when faced with multiple choices?
  • Do you struggle with your weight?
  • Are you upset or sad at yourself for your weight issues?
  • Is it all just too much?

Sound File #4 – Fear, Worry, Insomnia, Anxiety

  • Is everywhere you look full of bad news?
  • Is the world coming to an end?
  • Is it hard to turn your mind off?
  • Have you lost your faith in humanity?

Sound File #5 – Depression, Grief, Shame, Jealousy

  • Is someone out to “get” you?
  • Do you walk around feeling “flat”?
  • Do you resent others having what you want?
  • Do you feel like you are a mistake?

Sound File #6 – Guilt, Physical Tiredness, Self-Denial, Unworthiness

  • Is it hard to pick up your body and move it around?
  • Do you feel “heavy”?
  • When something positive happens, do you push it away?
  • Do you replay your past mistakes in your mind?

Sound File #7 – Self-Hate, Shock, Feeling Unlovable, Numb

  • Would the world be better off without you?
  • Have you given up thinking are you ever going to fit in or make a difference?
  • Do you walk around outside of your body (feeling disconnected)?
  • Do you space out for hours at a time?

All 7 Sound Files for only $122. Click here to Buy Now

Earth, Ocean, and Cosmos Sound Files

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The Earth, Ocean, and Cosmos Sound Files are meant to be used after you have cleared away your dysfunctional patterns and pain. At this point, you are ready to start bringing your heartfelt desires into your life. You now have space in your life to manifest these dreams. Think about what you really want, set your intention, and listen to the corresponding Sound File. Remember the universe is looking out for you and will only bring in things to your life that is for your highest good.

Earth Sound File– Anything physical that you touch or touches you, such as clothes, home, car, money, food, relationships

Ocean Sound File– Anything emotional and anything that you feel

Cosmos Sound File – Any thought, idea, or concept that you want to manifest

The Earth, Ocean, and Cosmos Sound Files for $77. Click here to Buy Now

Removing Obstacles Sound Files

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Removing Obstacles Sound Files have been specially designed to help you remove obstacles and obsolete, chronic patterns from your life. By releasing the energy of past relationships, you will be ready to move forward with grace and ease to . These 3 Sound Files can be used in any order.

Cutting Cords Sound File– When a relationship becomes toxic due to a myriad of reasons, it’s useful to cut the cords of dysfunction and clear the toxicity so you can reorient yourself. This Sound File helps when you are overly attached to a person or outcome and is useful for obsession, especially to people, helping you to let go of the past.

Feeling Needy Sound File– It’s so easy to fall into the trap of old limiting beliefs and patterns. This Sound File helps you to morph your neediness into confidence. It is also great for feelings of insecurity.

Resolving Heartache Sound File– We all want connections: it’s a basic human need. This Sound File helps you feel whole, connected, and full instead of empty and emotionally bleeding.

All the Removing Obstacles Sound Files for $99. Click here to Buy Now.


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The Boost and Balance Sound Files are a great package to help give you a lift and to balance you. When you are feeling low, out of sorts, confused, or just not right, the boost sound file is a quick way to bring you back to normal. It will give you a “boost” of energy and help you get back into the flow. The balance sound file will help you get focused, calm, and centered. Used together these sound files are a powerful way to keep the energetic connections flowing in a positive direction in your life.

Boost Sound File – This Sound File helps you feel a burst of energy when you are feeling down.

Balance Sound File – This Sound File balances up all of the chakras.

Boost and Balance Sound Files are only $55. Click here to Buy Now.


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The Shredding to Soothe Sound File is a dynamic tool. When you are cemented in a state of anxiety, upset or anger and can’t seem to move the emotion or the pain, this is a negative thought loop. All you are doing is hashing over the same thing, and it feels like a never-ending pattern. When this occurs, listening to the shredding sound file will help. This sound file relieves confusion and mental pain. It gets you out of the negative thought loop and allows you to move through the issue. Once things begin to move, you can start to see the other side and get momentum for healing your wounds.

Shredding to Soothe Sound File– This Sound File breaks up old, chronic, stuck patterns. Also shreds entities.

Shredding Sound File is only $25. Click here to Buy Now.


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Shielding and Protection Sound File– This Sound File is useful for sensitives when going out in public and exposed to the misaligned energy of others. Listen before or after exposure to crowds or use when you need your own space. It helps repel unwanted attention. Also it is an effective way to protect you from toxic connection and interactions.

Shielding and Protection Sound File is $33. Click here to Buy Now.


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An Individual Sound File is created just for you. This powerful tool is customized for the particular situation that you are in  – whether this is working through pain or dysfunction in your life or bringing in the new.

Bill Cael will take your voice imprint to find the missing musical notes from your life. He then records what’s missing using the Ancient Singing Bowls. Be prepared to dismantle and reform yourself in a given area of your life!

An Individual Sound File is $225. Click here to Buy Now.

What is a Sound File?

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A Sound File is a powerful tool for healing. It is a short recording of the Ancient Singing Bowls that targets your emotional body. Everything happens on an emotional level, and if there is any dysfunction at this level, mental and physical pain will occur. Listening to Sound Files will take energy that is “stuck” in your system and release it, which allows your body to heal itself.

Who Benefits from Sound Files?

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Sound Files have great success with people who have pain in their lives. This pain can be mental pain operating as confusion; emotional pain operating as a lack of heartfelt connections; or physical pain operating in our lives that keeps us from forward. Pain does a great job of keeping us broken in some way, so we don’t experience the fullness of connections, synchronicities, serendipities, and the magical life.

Pain is the energy that calcifies our body and our mind and our life. Ask this question – Where in my life or my body does the flow of energy slow down, move to a crawl, or stop? This is why I was guided to create Sound Files using the Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls. The sound from the bowls decalcifies those areas that we are bogged down in or immobilized from moving forward in this life.

Using the vibrations, tones, and light,  Ancient Singing Bowls are able to atomize and dissolve calcifications holding us hostage. The releasing of these calcified areas allows us to move forward and to return to our own Divine Blueprint. This Divine Blueprint is the perfect self that we are born with that we often disconnect with as we move through life. When we return to our own perfect self, anything and everything is possible!

How is a Sound File Used?

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Sound Files are easy to use. They are 5-7 minutes in length and are an MP3 recording that is downloadable to your phone, computer, or another device such as an iPod. Listen to the Sound File once or twice a day and began to notice how small synchronistic events will start to happen in your life.

What Does a Sound File Sound Like?

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Here is a link to the Strength From Within Sound File on YouTube.