“My Sound File Pulled Me from the Depths of Grief, Mourning, and Depression”

I have personally worked with Bill for five years. His sessions were life-changing. When I received his Sound File, I felt as if he was right there in the room with the bowls around my being. The Sound Files are a tremendous tool for healing and emotional well-being because it is designed especially for you. I was in a fog after the death of my youngest daughter. The Sound File pulled me from the depths of grief, mourning, and depression.” ~ Kate, Idaho

“My Pain is Gone and the Results Last”

“My back pain of 20 years went away after working with Bill. And the best thing is my pain is gone and the results last!” ~ David, California

“Shift into a New Way of Living Your Life”

“In my session with Bill I was able to name a huge lifetime issue and with his guidance, remove it energetically throughout all time and space. I could feel the magnetism of the bowl pull all the threads of beliefs, hurts, strings of attachment out of my body and my field.  I recommend you seek out his brilliant skills if you are ready to shift into a new way of living your life.” ~ Denise, Washington

“I’ve Moved from Spacey and Stressed to Grounded and Clear”

“I just got off the phone with Bill Cael, the world’s fastest tuner-upper. In less than 20 minutes I’ve moved from spacey and stressed to grounded and clear. And I’m laughing! He cut to the core of my issues with a potent mix of compassion, intuition, and kindness combined with his technology that marries the mantra with the deep sound healing of the ancient Tibetan bowls. Working with Bill is big magic, and I highly recommend it.” ~ Sarah, North Carolina

“I am Now Clear, Patient, Energized, Focused, and Capable”

“Most people find it hard to comprehend the chaos a traumatic brain injury can create in one’s life. One quickly discovers it is beyond the A.M.A. Doctor’s scope of healing. Imagine the relief to realize there is healing in a most unusual source. Before I was unable to find words, lost all sense of direction and felt irritable and confused. After two Ancient Tibetan Bowl sessions I am feeling clear, patient, energized, focused and above all else capable. I now live in the calm clarity that I’ve always longed. I am just curious if you are willing to give the Bowls the opportunity to do for you what has happened for me. I am grateful for Bill’s knowledge and the depth of attunement he uses in his practice.” ~ Peggy Lou, Oregon

“The Sound File Touches Something Deep in My Heart and Soul”

“I’m blown away by the exquisite sound you have created in my sound file! At the beginning I was connecting to the Goddess wells in Ireland and faerie were around and happy to be working with the elementals! The beauty of the sound reflected the richness of life for all — faerie and humans! You have captured it so beautifully Bill!

The arrival of (Saint) Patrick bringing patriarchal Christianity to Ireland from Rome dramatically changed everything and faerie were relegated to being less than and their magic was feared and distortion in perceiving and understanding them set in. (This is my sense of what happened). I remember doing a releasing session in the ‘80’s where I tapped into the pain of that loss, and I cried for at least 30 minutes as I processed that memory. I felt as if I was doing a clearing for Ireland!!

The sound file touches something deep in my heart and soul. The words that describe it are sweet melancholy, grounding and lightness. I know that as I listen to it, my connection to faerie is being activated on a deep level. I am being offered an opportunity for healing in a way that I feel can only happen through the sound files. What a blessing that I was ready and our paths crossed! I love the part where you are playing the Sound file for faerie. And the birds loved it too. So so magical Bill! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” ~ Winifred, Amsterdam

“I Literally Watched Her Anger Dissipate Before My Eyes”

“I worked with the Anger Sound File tonight with my client with Breast Cancer, and it was fascinating to watch what happened in her fields and my corresponding fields as a practitioner. She was boasting about how during her whole life, anger was what lit her up and made her feel alive. I have worked with her for 13 years and can attest that this has been her pattern. I had her make an intention and so did I and then played the Anger file. I literally watched her anger dissipate before my eyes. That angry charge that she is so attached to fragmented and dissolved. I felt it inside myself as I could fully relax around her and the energy in the room also became calm and serene. I put my hands on her on the table and she fell asleep very quickly when usually she is very fidgety throughout her sessions. Thanks so much for these files! Just fascinating to use them myself and even more interesting to work with them on clients!” ~ Sally, New Jersey

“The Session Went Beyond My Expectations, Leaving Me Surprised and Happy by the New Relationship Bill Cael Helped Me to Create with My Deceased Father”

“At the beginning of the session, Bill Cael brought up some new piece of information that resonated with me. First, he picked up that I had been very religious up to my mid 20’s. He also mentioned that I had been a nun in a past lifetime and most of my current issues with relationships and finances were linked to that.When he started playing the singing bowls, I immediately felt a current of Energy rolling up and down throughout my whole body. When he paused, I felt I was in a deep trance, in total peace.

By this time he sensed my deceased father, and I immediately felt emotional as I also could sense him. I have had many sessions with many different healers before, but was the first time someone “introduced” me to my father in this way. I also thought that I was totally healed from all the issues I had with my father when he was still in his physical form and all the sadness I got from his passing. In this session, however, I realized that I had just numbed my feelings instead of healing.Bill Cael, after passing some information about my father’s messages to me, started playing the bowls again. By the end of the session, I felt whole again. All the negative emotions were gone and a deep sense of harmony and regrown strengths were present.

On the same day, I did call for my father’s protection, as Bill suggested. I “asked” my father to protect me as I was stopping my car in an unknown area, far from civilization to make a phone call. At the same time, a police car stopped and parked right in front of mine. Two police officers stayed there checking upon the documents of a few passing by cars. As soon my 90-minute phone call finished, the polices officers went away without even talking or interrupting me.

My father used to be a police officer and I had asked for him to “help with protection,” so I guess this was his way of sending me help. I thought it was an extremely interesting situation indeed as it is a place that didn’t make any sense for police officers to be. I have to thank Bill Cael for this as I never tried “communicating” with my father before and after this experience I totally believe that it is indeed possible.

In summary, the session went beyond my expectations, leaving me surprised and happy by the new relationship Bill Cael helped me to create with my deceased father.” ~ Maria, Brazil

“Having Bill in Your Life is a Bit Like Meeting Your Fairy Godfather Who Can Help You Make Your Dreams Come True”

“Working with Bill is an absolute joy. He is fearlessly heart-strong, heart-centered, and an endless wealth of knowledge. His years of experience have gifted him with intuition and knowing to ask the right questions to elicit a healing response. It helps to be working with someone so capable when having tough content and emotions that can come up when doing this type of work. I’m so thankful for all the wonderful work he does with me and all of the beautiful people on this planet. Having Bill in your life is a bit like meeting your fairy godfather who can help you make your dreams come true.” ~ Jessamyn, Montana

“I Am Vibrating So Much I Felt Like I Was in Another Space”

“I was lucky enough to get a session with Bill Cael. I had two strokes in the space of 2 hours in mid-January this year. I was most interested to see if Bill can help me with the ever presence of tingling of my nerves on the right side of my body. He is wonderful on the phone, asks quite a few questions and then we got into the Singing Bowls. The first set was absolutely mind-blowing. It brought goose bumps all over my body. The next two sets got my heart vibrating, and I felt uplifted.

Bill then taught me an exercise to do and then played the Singing Bowls again with the intention of healing my body. This time my whole body lightened up. I was vibrating so much I felt like I was in another space. Whatever Bill started with me might take a little bit of time to get to where I need to be. But I can assure you I feel totally different afterward and so much more relaxed. My energy level has picked up since our session yesterday morning. I have so easily tired since my stroke that it is actually nice to be able to do things for more than 5 minutes before I have to sit down and rest for 10 minutes.

Bill is a caring and amazing healer, I felt privileged to have spent time with him, and I will not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. You owe it to yourself to experience the magic with Bill and his amazing Tibetan Singing Bowls!” ~ Kate, Australia

“Bill has Partnered with the Bowls at Such a Strong Level of Mastery that as a Receiver of Any Form of Healing He Offers, Magic Happens.”

“Bill has partnered with the bowls at such a strong level of mastery that as a receiver of any form of healing he offers, magic happens. He knows what his bowls can do and steps aside to let them do the work they were crafted to do — all the while providing support and guidance on a deep and meaningful level. I highly recommend bringing your deepest explorations into your work with Bill. You will not be disappointed.” ~ Lily, Texas

“My First Experience of Listening to Bill’s Sound Files was Transcendent”

“Bill Cael is a gifted healer, intuitive and master of Tibetan Singing Bowls. I absolutely love how powerful and immediate his targeted healings are. My first experience of listening to Bill’s sound files was really transcendent. I listened to him play the bowls on the call and felt very palpable shifts in my body. I had a powerful experience that I had never known before. I am a healer myself, so it left me speechless. I laid down to rest after the call and started smelling the scent of incense. I was teleported through a vortex to a monastery in Tibet. I found myself lying on an altar in the temple surrounded by chanting monks and soft flickering candles. These Tibetan Monks were waving brass bowls of burning incense over my entire body. I loved the joy of the chanting as I experienced the cleansing and purification of my body mind and spirit. Soon after, I found myself back at home in my bed feeling relaxed and renewed. I have never forgotten that experience. I love Bill’s work and consult him whenever I need guidance and real truth to help guide my life. He is a master teacher and healer. I highly recommend his work and sound files. I use them all the time to keep me aligned, clear and grounded in my life.” ~ Deborah, New York